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This sale runs from March 21st - April 21st, 2019

2019 Pricing Spring Fudge and Display Special

Counter Top Display H 25 1⁄2” x W 15 1⁄2” x D 11 1⁄2”

All displays in 2019 will be natural wood only.

Container holds 6 flavors / 40 per display approximately. Each container is safety sealed 6 oz (170.09 grams)

Spring Display and Fudge Sale Flavors

AS6a Amaretto

AS6b Birthday Cake

AS6c Black Lagoon (dark chocolate sea salt)

AS6d Chocolate

AS6e Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

AS6f Chocolate Mint topped with Andes Mints

AS6g Chocolate Turtle Truffle (chocolate, caramel, pecans)

AS6h Chocolate Walnut

AS6i Cookies-N-Cream

AS6j Maple Walnut

AS6k Mocha Espresso

AS6l Moon Pie S’more

AS6m Peanut Butter

AS6n Peanut Butter Chocolate / w Reese’s

AS6o Penuche AS6p Tiger (white chocolate, peanut butter, milk chocolate)

AS6q Worms In The Dirt


Opening order minimum is 6 cases. Minimum re-order is 4 cases



This sale runs from March 21st - April 21st, 2019

Spring Display and Fudge Sale Kit

Option A. Our fully stocked Kettle Fudge Wooden Display Kit includes six - 6 oz containers made from your choice of  any six flavors you select from our Spring Display and Fudge Sale Flavors above for $385.00 + shipping (Regular Price $520.00), a savings of $135.00! 

Option B Our stand alone Kettle Fudge Wooden Display sells for $250.00 + shipping  (no fudge is included). 


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