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Wholesale Display & Packaging

Kettle Fudge™ Wholesale & Packaging

Vendors/Buyers: Please contact us via email or call for access to our current wholesale pricing.


Fudge by the 5-6 lb slab (great for retail stores, gift shops)


Join our mailing list to get on our collections mailer so you'll be the first to be notified of our upcoming 2018 Fudge Flavor Collections: New Year's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fishermen's Catch, Hunting Club, more. 

Our Kettle Fudge team works hand-in-hand with buyers, marketing, and sales teams. We're prepared to discuss photos, promotions, flavor exclusivity (great for buyers with multiple locations who want to encourage multi-store visits).

Kettle Fudge will help you create a positive image fudge program, help you decide when to implement private label fudges specific to your flavor profile(s), and give you first notice alerts to our best selling and trending fudge flavors.

We aren't just a fudge company, we grow when our customers are satisfied. We're here to help build and retain your customer base. Kettle Fudge believes our fudge products will bring your customers back to you.

Worms in the Dirt . . . a Halloween Best Seller, every year! 


 Our best selling Amaretto fudge is made with real amaretto, a holiday favorite!

We package our fudges in many sizes!




We shoot all our product photos from what we create! We'll shoot them for you, too!


 We make create, develop flavors, taste test, design, market our fudge in our own test kitchen. We only sell wholesale. 

Kettle Fudge is strictly a wholesale company. 

You can place your wholesale order directly on our wholesale site. 



David Christenson, President & CEO Kettle Fudge, LLC

Want a unique flavor of truffles for your store? Ask about our Gourmet Truffles Line.

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