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White Wolf Creek Fudge™ Our QVC Collection

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Call to place your order: (844) 262-2833 toll freeWe sell and ship almost everywhere in the USA.

We ship from our store in Rochester, Minnesota. All of our products are made in our licensed commercial kitchen. They are made by hand, not machines. We make macaroons, gourmet truffles, fudge-dipped treats, and our popular fudge, currently topping 175 flavors. We use our family recipes that we've developed over many years. Please support small businesses. We are a family-owned and operated business. 



This fudge is sold exclusively under our White Wolf Creek Fudge QVC Collection

                   White Wolf Creek Fudge™ Our QVC Collection                                    © 2011-2024 White Wolf Creek Fudge™ Our QVC Collection                                             Photos: © 2011-2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson. All rights reserved


Our fudge was on QVC Television under our White Wolf Creek Fudge™ brand. Here's a link to our home page if you want to watch it or click the play button below. Those four flavors are still sold, almost 13-years later, exclusively through the brand and network sites. The price has gone up, due to costs to make the fudge, but you can only order it through White Wolf Creek Fudge, since each store has their own exclusive flavors! 



     White Wolf Creek Fudge™ (one of our sister stores) as it appeared on QVC in 2011. We sold around 7K pounds of fudge in this 7:02 minutes of air time. All the fudge was made fresh, shipped direct to the QVC customers.

OUR 4-PACK WHITE WOLF CREEK FUDGE QVC COLLECTION (previously sold, exclusively on QVC, is now sold exclusively (these names, flavors, packaging) through White Wolf Creek Fudge™ and our networked online and retail stores. It's not sold anywhere else. It can be ordered and picked up at the retail store, Peacock Books & Wildlife Art.

"Known in Minnesota as the best," QVC host.

The White Wolf Creek Fudge™ Our QVC Collection Includes:

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of Truffled Turtle™

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of White Ruby Mountain™

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of Peanut Butter Wolf Muncher™

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of White Wolf Caramel Apple Pie™

Price: $54.00 plus tax and shipping (Shipping varies depending on if you need our cold packs), Our White Wolf Creek Fudge™ Our QVC Collection can be shipped for around $18-22 dollars, via USPS Priority Mail. 


These Four Flavors are exclusively White Wolf Creek Fudge™ QVC Collection branded food products. These exact flavors, names, packaging can only be purchased through one of our stores that carry our brand. Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, are two of our networked stores.

White Wolf Creek Fudge™ - Our QVC Collection

(888) 983-3085 - Order at  Peacock Books retail store.

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